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Yantai Utour Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established in March 2018. Since its establishment, the company has mainly devoted itself to the creation of the "Pixel Monster" studio brand and the development of the game engine Pixel Game Engine. This game engine is a pixel-style independent game development tool, which is committed to enabling game makers without a programming foundation. , Make a high-level independent game with artistic skills and music production, and let as many young people without game production experience participate in game production as possible. Let gamers play more interesting, unique and imaginative games from folk productions, make game production normalized in all age groups, and strive to discover more talented game makers and practitioners for the Chinese game industry .
Pixel Game Engine
Pixel Game Engine is a game production tool that does not require programming. It can develop pure 2D/pseudo 3D plot-oriented games based on 2D flat scroll perspective. Types include: RPG, SRPG, ACT, ADV, ARPG, two-player arcade, automatic battle, etc. . The produced game can be packaged as an application for Windows platform and mobile platform.
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